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  • New Podcast: Using Evidence in a Private Outpatient Setting

    In a new podcast titled "Using Evidence in a Private Outpatient Setting," Jason Grandeo, PT, DPT, OCS, shares the 3 main strategies that he and his colleagues at Body Dynamics Inc in Falls Church, Virginia, use to incorporate evidence in practice: monthly journal clubs, grand rounds focused on the hands-on examination and treatment aspect of physical therapy, and Physicians' Information and Education Resource (PIER) summaries. PIER summaries are completed when a physician or other health care provider comes to the facility to discuss an area in which he or she specializes.   

    Grandeo also offers tips for physical therapists who have not yet incorporated evidence in their practice. "Make a pitch for using 1 of the strategies we use, such as a journal club, or doing it as a group. If there is no interest, you may need to ask yourself if you are working at the best place to support your career growth."

    This recording is part of the Research to Practice podcast series, which provides practical information on implementing the use of research as part of evidence-based practice in the physical therapy clinic.

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