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  • Deadline to Submit Nominations for APTA's 'Fit After 50' Member Challenge Approaches

    Nominate a deserving APTA member age 50 or older (yes, it can be you!) who is committed to being active and fit and who encourages others to be the same. Go to www.apta.org/FitAfter50/ and submit your nomination by November 30.


    • I started training to run 5K initially for health reason (to lower my cholesterol) at age 50, but after running my first 5K, I got exposed to the the different charity groups that are using 5Ks, Half Marathon and Marathon to raise funds. What better way to get healthy and at the same time support the charity/Cause groups. I never run for fun but for a cause. I run in support to Fight Against Child Trafficking, CHOC, American Cancer Society...call it win-win...I get healthy and other people who are struggling gets funded ecause I ran.

      Posted by Minerva Meeker on 11/27/2012 2:02 AM

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