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  • Research Briefs Offer Strategies to Curb Health Care Spending

    Providers can dramatically improve American health care by focusing on value instead of volume, eliminating wasteful and inappropriate care, applying the best available evidence to practice, enhancing patient safety, and strengthening primary care, says RAND Health in 1 of 4 new research briefs dedicated to flattening the trajectory of health care spending.

    In this new series, RAND outlines 4 broad strategies for constraining spending growth without compromising quality in the nation's market-oriented health care system: foster efficient and accountable providers, engage and empower consumers, promote population health, and facilitate high-value innovation.

    Learn more about RAND's proposals to make public reports more meaningful to consumers, encourage health at the local level, promote high-value innovation, and read key findings, by clicking on the briefs at the bottom of the tabbed topics areas.  

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