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  • Using MI in the Clinic: A Student's Perspective

    In a new APTA podcast, Kim Redlin, a third-year doctor of physical therapy student at St Catherine University, shares how she has incorporated motivational interviewing (MI) into her interactions with patients. Specifically, Redlin describes how while working with a patient who had knee replacement surgery she was able to obtain meaningful information about the patient's efforts to quit smoking that "slowly opened the door" for her to provide education about behavior change. Redlin also discusses how MI "can be a real challenge for both students and professionals." She asks, "[Y]ou want to make sure that all boxes get checked – get informed consent, get a pain rating, get a range of motion measurement, use an outcome measure, but how often is there a box to check for addressing health behaviors and talking about change?"

    This podcast is the fourth in a series on behavior change.

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