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  • USBJI Defines Value in Musculoskeletal Care, Proposes Road Map for Future Actions

    A new report summarizes key issues and recommendations discussed at the Summit on The Value in Musculoskeletal Care, sponsored by the United States Bone and Joint Initiative (USBJI). The summit, held in Washington, DC, October 12-13, 2011, was attended by 127 invited representatives of the musculoskeletal community, including APTA staff and members, patients, health care professionals, payers, industry, and government. 

    Specifically, the report provides a definition of the value in musculoskeletal care, addresses the need for accurate and reliable measurements to assess quality and value of musculoskeletal care, outlines advocacy strategies, and makes recommendations on health organizations' roles in efforts to increase the value of musculoskeletal care. 

    According to USBJI, the report's proposals should meet several important goals to:

    • Redirect resources to control costs in the short and long term;
    • Fund innovative clinical, basic science, and translational research to an extent commensurate with the health care burden of musculoskeletal disease;
    • Develop and implement more effective multidisciplinary programs for prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation to decrease current and future costs;
    • Improve outcomes and reduce costs through integrated systems of care; and
    • Improve quality of life by enhancing the general health of all people.

    APTA is a founding member of USBJI. Member organizations are encouraged to consider strategic plans for collaborative implementation of the recommendations, in concert with USBJI and other groups.

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