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  • APTA Members Key Authors of Circulation Science Advisory

    A new science advisory from the American Heart Association calls on inpatient and home health care teams (physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, physical therapists, clinical exercise physiologists, registered dieticians, and CR team members) to implement a coordinated effort to promote outpatient cardiac rehabilitation (CR) to eligible patients and to facilitate referral and enrollment.

    APTA member Ross Arena, PT, PhD, FAHA, is lead author of this scientific advisory. Coauthors include APTA members Lawrence P. Cahalin, PT, PhD, CCS, and Reed Humphrey, PT, PhD.  

    "Despite the well-documented benefits, outpatient CR referral and participation rates remain disappointingly low," write the authors. Therefore, a primary goal of the science advisory aims to better define the role of key health care professionals in both the inpatient and home health settings to ultimately improve participation in CR.

    Published online January 30 in Circulation, the advisory includes key recommendations to:

    • formulate a multidisciplinary inpatient CR program;
    • initiate an automatic referral to appropriate inpatient health professional(s) to assess the readiness of all patients with a cardiac event for discharge home and for participation in an outpatient CR program; and
    • develop and examine evidence-based multidisciplinary models of discharge planning.

    The authors also propose 8 "future directions" to address the lack of referral to outpatient CR.

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