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  • BlogTalkRadio Guests to Discuss Low Back Pain

    APTA will host its first BlogTalkRadio show, a live, online radio broadcast, on April 23 at 7 pm ET. You can listen live online here or dial 646/564-9841 to listen by phone. APTA spokesperson Mary Ann Wilmarth, PT, DPT, OCS, MTC, will frame the issue of low back pain, discuss some of the key findings of APTA's Low Back Pain Survey, and explain how to prevent and manage the condition with the help of a physical therapist. She will be joined by 2 guests—APTA member Mike Ryan, PT, ATC, athletic trainer for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and AARP Georgia volunteer Colette Morgan, MD, with Emory University. They will discuss low back pain as it relates to pro and non-pro athletes and the aging population, respectively. Listeners will have the option of calling into the show to ask questions of the guests or submitting questions to Move Forward's Facebook or Twitter pages in advance or during the show. Listeners also will be encouraged to visit www.moveforwardpt.com for more information and to find a physical therapist in their area. (See related article titled "APTA Responds to Chiropractic Segment on Dr Oz Show" posted April 19.)

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