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  • Motions Reflect Significance of Governance Structure, Review Process

    Three motions adopted by the House of Delegates (House) illustrate the continued focus on improvements to APTA's governance and the importance of clarity in the roles of the House and Board of Directors (Board).

    The House passed a motion calling upon the Board to amend APTA's Articles of Incorporation (Articles) prior to the 2013 House of Delegates so that the Articles reflect the Board's duty to manage APTA in compliance with the bylaws of the association. [RC-17] 

    The House also rescinded Principles of Governance (HOD P06-11-17-08), which the House passed last year and requested that the reports and recommendations of the Governance Review Task Force be made available on APTA's website. [RC-15] [RC-30] 

    Draft language adopted by the 2012 House will be available on the House Community next week. Final language for all actions taken by the June 2012 House will be available by September after the minutes have been approved.  

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