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  • Move Forward Brand Ads Running On SiriusXM Radio This Week

    The Olympics are just around the corner, and APTA is taking the opportunity to promote the physical therapist's role in helping athletes of all abilities maintain a mobile and active lifestyle. Be sure to listen for APTA's Move Forward radio ads running this week on SiriusXM radio leading up to the Olympic Games. The ads, part of APTA's ongoing branding campaign, are running all week on the following channels: SiriusXM Stars (includes numerous shows such as Rosie O'Donnell and TMZ); CNN; MSNBC; CNBC; Oprah Radio; and Martha Stewart Living Radio. Listen to the ads through APTA's website.   


    • These are good and overdue. I have thought for years we need to be out the verbally in front of larger audiences selling ourselves. All too often we have remained silent when we should be defending or speaking up for our profession. Thank you. Is there a way to support this specific segment of the APTA advertising outside of our normal dues.?

      Posted by Tom DePaulis on 7/20/2012 2:27 PM

    • I have heard the ads on the XM radio....It's great to hear the ads..it makes me more proud to be PT...Keep up the good marketing strategy.....marketing is everything and everything is marketing...Felix Olusegun Odusaga,PT,DPT,MBA

      Posted by Felix Olusegun Odusaga on 7/20/2012 8:14 PM

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