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  • Volunteer Interest Pool Open: Current Volunteer Call Closes September 28

    APTA's Volunteer Interest Pool (VIP) now is open. VIP provides a mechanism to match the right person with the right task at the right time. Click here to set up a profile (you must be an APTA member and log on to the APTA website first before accessing this link). The VIP profile asks you to indicate your preferred levels of involvement (ranging from 1 day tasks to multiyear commitment), willingness to travel, current availability, level of interest/experience in a variety of areas; and to submit a CV. Once you complete your profile, click on the "Current Volunteer Opportunities" button to browse the list of current opportunities. VIP is open for members to create profiles throughout the year. However, the deadline for the current call for volunteer groups is September 28. Contact Angela Boyd with questions.     


    • Just attended VPTA annual conference this weekend and they mentioned a volunteer pool for the issue of furthering PTA education (bachelor vs associate degree). I am interested in being a part of this topic. How might I get more involved? jennajusten@gmail.com

      Posted by Jenna Justen -> @HPc@G on 10/16/2012 12:13 PM

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