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  • Innovation 2.0 Deadline January 20

    APTA members have a Monday, January 20, deadline to submit letters of intent to let staff know if they will be making a proposal to receive funding and mentoring through the association's Innovation 2.0 program.

    APTA's Innovation 2.0 program will offer up to $150,000 to support innovation in service delivery and payment in a wide range of areas from the integration of physical therapy into collaborative care models to management of patients and clients that focuses on reducing hospital readmissions. The complete list of proposal areas can be found on APTA's Innovation 2.0 webpage.

    Interested candidates should submit a letter of intent to APTA Innovation 2.0 staff by January 20. The letter should include contact information for the project leader, name of the organization, and a brief description of the model. The formal call for proposals will begin January 17 with a February 13 deadline.

    Though not required in order to submit the formal proposal, candidates are encouraged to submit letters of intent to help APTA staff prepare for the review process.

    Questions? Need more details? Contact the Innovation 2.0 staff.

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