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  • Group Urges President to Acknowledge Physical Activity in SOTU Address

    While the upcoming State of the Union address will almost certainly include remarks about the economy, foreign policy, and health care, if President Barack Obama listens to a suggestion from APTA and more than 100 other organizations and companies, the speech may also include a nod to the importance of physical activity.

    In a letter to the White House delivered last week, a long list of signatories including the American Council on Exercise, the Arthritis Foundation, NIKE Inc, University of Tennessee – Chattanooga, and APTA thanked the president for the administration's promotion of healthy lifestyles through the "Let's Move" campaign, and they urged him to keep the momentum going by mentioning physical activity as a crucial component in the overall health of the country, both physical and economic.

    "Physical activity has been shown to reduce health care costs, prevent chronic disease, enhance productivity, and improve quality of life," the letter states. "With its ability to treat and prevent obesity, diabetes, heart and bone disease, and other chronic conditions, exercise is powerful medicine indeed."

    The State of the Union address is scheduled for January 28 at 9:00 pm Eastern time.

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