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    For physical therapists (PTs) looking to put evidence into practice, life just got a little better: APTA has retooled one of its most popular evidence-based practice (EBP) resources to make it easier to find and more intuitive to use.

    Open Door, the search tool that puts PTs in touch with the latest in EBP, has been relocated to PTNow.org and renamed PTNow ArticleSearch. PTNow ArticleSearch maintains all the functionality of Open Door, and allows APTA members to track favorite research topics, access APTA section journals, and analyze interventions through ProQuest's Medical Evidence Matters service. All old links to Open Door will redirect to the new site.

    The change is part of an effort to further strengthen PTNow as the physical therapy profession's best single tool to help PTs find the evidence they need to enhance practice. PTNow ArticleSearch joins a suite of PTNow resources including clinical summaries, tests and measures, case examples, clinical practice guidelines and Cochrane Reviews, and a new blog that will help keep the site dynamic and interactive.

    Questions? Need more information? Contact the PTNow ArticleSearch staff.


    • Common low back pain can be relieved immediately with appropriate treatment. Errors in biomechanics, structure, measurements, testing and in the location of the x-axis have stymied evidence based research. See www.thelowback.com how it works, why it hurts and how to fix it. Bibliography on website. and Timgren J, Soinila S. Reversible pelvic asymmetry. J Manipulative Physiol Ther 2006; 29(7):561-5.

      Posted by Richard DonTigny, PT on 1/31/2014 10:06 PM

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