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  • Resistance Training May Increase Testosterone in Older Men

    Authors of a small-scale study are asserting that resistance training may increase testosterone levels in older men. Researchers believe that increased levels of the hormone may help guard against osteoporosis and increase resistance to injury from falls.

    The study (abstract only available for free) is published online in the FASEB Journal from the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology and documents a research project that involved 6 young men and 13 older men. Levels of testosterone were measured before and after a 12-week resistance training program focused on knee extension and flexion. Biopsies were taken from the vastus lateralis.

    Researchers found that "muscular sex steroid hormone levels and sex steroidgenesis-related enzyme expressions were significantly lower in older subjects than younger ones at baseline, but 12 weeks of resistance training significantly restored hormone levels." Additionally, authors reported significant restoration of steroidogenesis-related enzymes through the training program.

    An article with details on the research is available at Medscape Medical News (readers must sign up for a free account).

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