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  • Clinical Instructor Input Wanted on Clinical Reasoning Skills

    The American Council of Academic Physical Therapy (ACAPT)  is taking a close look at clinical reasoning skills in physical therapist doctoral education programs and needs to hear from clinical instructors.

    ACAPT's Clinical Reasoning Curricula and Assessment Research Consortium has posted a survey for clinical instructors, the results of which will inform its study titled "Exploration of Clinical Reasoning in Doctor of Physical Therapy Education." The consortium estimates that the survey takes about 5–10 minutes to complete.

    Names and other identifiers will not be associated with the information received from the survey. All information will be stored on the principal investigator's university-issued password-protected computer and stored in a locked office.

    Editor's note: A link previously included in this story has been disabled. Clinical instructors interested in participating in this survey should contact huhnka@shrp.rutgers.edu to request access to the survey instrument.


    • Is there a way for me to send the survey link out to my clinical instructors through e-mail - 52 clinical sites! Would love to get them involved Sentara Health Care Bunny May, Clin Educ Coordinator vamay@sentara.com 757-252-4811

      Posted by Virginia May -> ANQb? on 5/2/2014 5:26 PM

    • There is such a wide range of talent coming out of PT schools right now. Some students who are ready to take on a caseload and other students in their second or third affiliation who have not even the basic knowledge of how to do AROM testing.

      Posted by April Oury on 5/2/2014 11:58 PM

    • Interested.

      Posted by George Young on 5/3/2014 1:55 AM

    • In the sectin about credentials... PTA was not an option. PTAs are clinical instructors too.

      Posted by Sarah Olson on 5/5/2014 8:34 AM

    • Thanks for the interest! As stated in the editor's note above, researchers would prefer that you send an email to access the survey. You can request the link by emailing huhnka@shrp.rutgers.edu.

      Posted by APTA Staff on 5/5/2014 1:12 PM

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