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  • Move Forward Radio Discusses ACL Injury Prevention in Youth Athletes

    The latest episode of APTA’s Move Forward Radio includes advice to help youth athletes avoid an increasingly common injury: anterior crucial ligament (ACL) tears.

    Citing a recent clinical report in Pediatrics, the episode notes that while incidence of ACL injury has increased among youth athletes, research suggests that risk of ACL injury can be significantly reduced with a basic neuromuscular training program.

    Podcast guest Julie Eibensteiner, PT, DPT, CSCS, who has worked with numerous college and elite soccer players both as a physical therapist and a coach, urged parents to be more assertive in demanding the implementation of these programs for their youth athletes.

    “Too often I think parents feel like they’re a passive player in their child’s sport experience,” Eibensteiner said. “We need to get these [neuromuscular training] programs in place. Parents need to be asking, ‘Why aren’t these programs happening?’”

    Move Forward Radio airs approximately twice a month. Episodes are featured and archived at MoveForwardPT.com, APTA's official consumer information website, and can be streamed online via Blog Talk Radio or downloaded as a podcast via iTunes. Ideas for future episodes and other feedback can be e-mailed to katiekissal@apta.org.

    APTA members are encouraged to alert their patients to the radio series and other MoveForwardPT.com resources to help educate the public about the benefits of treatment by a physical therapist. Follow MoveForwardPT on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and share these resources with your friends and followers.


    • Parents and coaches need to be on board. They are the driving forces behind what the youth do for training. Healthcare professionals can preach all we want but ultimately it will come down to what the coaches and parents say is important. I think we also need to simplify the programs to a couple of key movements or concepts. Most ACL programs I've seen have been too long that take too much time. That is time that the athlete can use for skill training. When it comes down to skill training or ACL prevention, skill training will win every time.

      Posted by Ian Manning -> BJUc>F on 5/24/2014 6:54 AM

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