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  • Initiative to 'Re-Align' Care Debuts

    A new initiative to develop a model of care for older adults with complex chronic conditions will focus on a "realignment" toward patient-defined treatment goals. The project, which has received $750,000 in grant funding, is now in planning stages.

    Called CaRe-Align, the model being developed seeks to "incorporate the best available evidence for involving patients in their own care and facilitating communication and coordination between and among primary care and specialty care clinicians," according to a press release. The 18 month planning project is funded by the John A. Hartford Foundation and the Patient-Centered Outcomes Resource Institute (PCORI).

    The project is being led by Mary Tinetti, MD, of Yale University and Caroline Blaum, MD, of NYU School of Medicine, and includes a panel of over 50 patients, clinicians, family caregivers, and other health care stakeholders. The Hartford Foundation plans to test the model in the next phase of this initiative.

    A CaRe-Align website is in the works. Meanwhile, project organizers are updating progress through the Hartford Foundation blog.

    APTA is engaged in its own project to foster innovation in models of care. Check out the association's Innovation 2.0 webpage to find out how physical therapists are taking on the challenge of rethinking delivery and payment.

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