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  • APTA Announces New Staff Structure

    This week, APTA announced the new staff structure that will take effect February 1. The new staff structure is designed to ensure APTA is properly aligned to achieve its goals (as identified by the House of Delegates and the Board of Directors) by providing for more efficiency, enhancing role clarity, building more trust across the association, and making the association more effective.

    Helpful information about the new staff structure is available for members on APTA's Web site, including:

    • staff structure charts;
    • brief descriptions of all departments;
    • a listing of individual staff, their titles, and contact information; and
    • a document on frequently asked questions (FAQs).

    During the deliberations on the staff structure reforms the following criteria were used to guide decisions:

    • Would a change provide for more efficiency (reduce duplication/redundancies)?
    • Would a change provide role clarity for APTA's units, departments, and individual staff?
    • Would a change help to better address staff performance?
    • Would a change enhance trust among staff across the association?
    • Would a change provide for more effectiveness?

    An association should comprehensively review its staff structure on a regular basis to ensure that the association is properly aligned to achieve its goals. It has been 4 years since APTA's staff structure was comprehensively reviewed. While a staff structure review may not always lead to realignment, in this case we believed it was necessary due to significant changes in our association, the profession, and the external world. 

    If you have any questions about the new staff structure at APTA, contact John Barnes, chief executive officer at APTA, at johnbarnes@apta.org.

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