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  • Call for Proposals: Innovative Health Care Delivery and Payment Models

    Are you putting forth a proposal for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation Health Care Innovation Challenge Grants? If not, are you participating in a health care model that incorporates a patient-centered medical home or implements bundled payments? If the answer is "yes" to either of these questions, APTA wants to hear from you.

    APTA is working to support members in their success within these models. In addition, the association wants to connect you with your peers who are working within similar models, allowing you to share both your opportunities and challenges.

    Please send a brief (approximately 100 words) description of your model of practice along with your name and contact information to memberfeedback@apta.org.


    • I got this email on the 25th and feel it is too late to apply since i missed the dates. We are releasing a home health therapy documentation system..would this apply/

      Posted by Sheri Moffett on 1/27/2012 5:42 PM

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