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  • Cardiovascular and Stroke Research: Physical Activity Has 'Significant Value'

    Lifestyle factors, including physical activity, make a difference in improving and controlling cardiovascular risks, according to a list of the top advances in cardiovascular and stroke research in 2011 by the American Heart Association (AHA)/American Stroke Association (ASA). 

    "Multiple new studies this past year supported the importance of lifestyle factors such as diet and physical activity in improving and controlling cardiovascular risks," says AHA/ASA. "These findings are especially important given that 39% of Americans believe they are in ideal cardiovascular health when in reality less than 1% are."

    Since 1996, AHA/ASA has compiled an annual list of the major advances in heart disease and stroke. Other 2011 advances include congenital heart disease, genetics/personalized medicine, new drugs and treatment for atrial fibrillation, and improved systems of care to deliver faster care for heart attack and stroke.


    • Perfect information. Thank you!!!

      Posted by Janine Boldra on 2/13/2012 10:22 AM

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