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  • Webinar Provides Governance Review Update

    In a recorded webinar, Shawne E. Soper, PT, DPT, MBA, APTA Board of Directors, Speaker of the House, provides an update on APTA's ongoing governance review on behalf of the governance review task force.

    The webinar provides a broad overview of the recommendations that will be brought to the Board of Directors for discussion at its April 20-24 meeting. (Please note that none of the recommendations have been adopted.) Delegates will be given the opportunity to discuss the governance review recommendations at forums held during the 2012 House. The Board will forward any recommendations that require a change in our bylaws to the House of Delegates for its consideration in 2013.

    APTA's governance review is designed to better align the governance structure in support of the strategic plan, clarify roles and responsibilities for the decision-making entities at all levels, and ensure that APTA's mission can be more readily achieved, among other benefits.

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