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  • Call for Posters: Active Aging

    Physical therapists are invited to share programs, best practices, or research study through poster presentations at the International Council on Active Aging Conference, November 29-December 1, in New Orleans.

    The International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) is seeking 3 categories of posters:

    • Research—this category is aimed at applied and translational research, although basic and clinical research also is considered. Research studies must be completed, with final results relevant to work with older adults.
    • Programs—this category includes evidence-based, evidence-informed, and proven programs that have a structure and defined goals. This category is open to programs that are not based on a research study but do meet a need of older adults and have demonstrated outcomes.
    • Promising and best practices—this category is for a proven approach that has worked successfully in meeting a need of older adults. The practices can be adopted by other organizations seeking positive results. Given the range of responsibilities of ICAA delegates, a promising/best practice could be, for example, an organizational structure, age-friendly design, or a method to disseminate a program.

    Peer reviewers will evaluate proposals based on adherence to the criteria listed in the Call for Poster Presentations. The deadline for poster applications is May 4.

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