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  • HPSO Report Details Risk Exposures for PTs and PTAs

    A new report has been released by Healthcare Providers Service Organizations (HPSO), in collaboration with CNA, on professional liability risk exposures. The report focuses on the risks faced by physical therapists (PTs) who are insured either as individuals or as employees of physical therapy practices. In addition, the report addresses the specific professional liability risk exposures for physical therapist assistants (PTAs) insured by HPSO/CNA and other health care professionals providing services on behalf of a HPSO/CNA-insured physical therapy practice.   

    For those who find it more convenient to listen to the information in the report than read it, APTA is offering a 1-hour audio conference about the liability risks in the report and strategies to reduce risk. The audio learning opportunity has a .2 CEU value. 

    The risk management information presented in the report is based upon an analysis of 552 closed professional liability claims that resulted in sizable settlements or adverse judgments. Following the analysis, HPSO offers risk control recommendations and a self-assessment checklist to help individual therapists and practices enhance safety while minimizing risks.

    APTA's risk management webpage provides additional resources to help members manage professional and personal risks 

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