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  • Lessons Learned: Implementing PQRS Into Practice

    An engaging Q&A podcast on incorporating the physician quality reporting system (PQRS) in physical therapy practices addresses the barriers that clinical staff face in learning PQRS, concerns with documentation, and PQRS implementation strategies that include administrative staff.

    This podcast is the fourth in a series on PQRS and features Kevin Svoboda, PT, clinical growth and development director at Rehab Management Solutions, Jodi Woodward, director of medical billing at Rehab Management Solutions, and Connie Ziccarelli, principal and chief operations officer of Rehab Management Solutions. The guest speakers also discuss how they intend to use the PQRS interim report that will be provided this summer for the first quarter of 2012 to modify their program accordingly for the remainder of the year and begin 2013 in compliance with PQRS requirements.    

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