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  • House Amends Positions on Diagnosis, Concussion, Education Requirements

    Last week the House of Delegates amended the following positions: 

    • Diagnosis by Physical Therapists (HOD P06-08-06-07) 
    • The new language clarifies the physical therapist's (PT) role in ordering appropriate tests and studies that are performed and interpreted by other health care providers, and the PT's role in performing and interpreting selected images or other studies. [RC-13] 
    • The Physical Therapist's Role in Management of the Person With Concussion (HOD P06-11-15-18)
    • The amended position delineates the physical therapist's role as part of the multidisciplinary team of health care providers who provide concussion management and in identifying when it is safe for persons with concussion to return to activity. [RC-14]  
    • Educational Degree Qualification for Physical Therapists (HOD P06-03-22-18)
    • The position now states that effective January 1, 2018, APTA will consider the attainment of a doctor of physical therapy degree as the minimum professional education qualification for physical therapists who graduate from a program accredited by CAPTE in 2018 or after. [RC-18]

    Draft language adopted by the 2012 House will be available on the House Community next week. Final language for all actions taken by the June 2012 House will be available by September after the minutes have been approved.  

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