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  • Post-House Packet Available Online

    A Post-House Packet containing draft final motion language for all the motions acted on at the 2012 House of Delegates (House) in Tampa is posted in the House community in the archive folder 2012 (found under the reference materials). The House of Delegates minutes, with final language for all motions, will be posted by September 4. In addition, a House of Delegates summary has been prepared in both Word and PowerPoint formats to serve as foundational elements for articles in newsletters and presentations at chapter, district, or facility meetings to educate both members and nonmembers on the actions taken by the House. In response to the passage of RC 30-12, the reports of the 4 Governance Review Subgroups (House, Board of Directors, Chapter, and Section) have been posted to the governance review community in the Reference Materials document library.

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