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  • New Legal Resources Address Expert/Fact Witnesses and Other Legal Matters

    APTA recently developed additional general information for members who may act in the capacity of a fact or expert witness. Reviewing the witness resources may assist in being better prepared when faced with receiving a subpoena or a request to act as a witness. Myriad legal issues come into play and the resources serve to provide information on topics such as qualifications of an expert, compensation, and discovery. APTA also provides a general information page to house existing materials that address a variety of legal matters, such as contracts, informed consent, and advertising. 

    The expert/fact witness resources were developed in response to RC 22-12, a motion passed by the House of Delegates in June. 


    • Hi I would like information on how I can become an expert witness. Do you have any links or con ed courses that I can take

      Posted by Bianca guzman on 9/4/2017 8:46 PM

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