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  • APTA Launches Therapy Cap Resources Webpage to Assist PTs With Implementation of New Exceptions Process

    On October 1 significant changes will occur regarding the Medicare therapy cap exceptions process that will impact physical therapists (PTs) and their patients. In order to help make the transition as smooth as possible, APTA has developed a Medicare Therapy Cap Resources webpage. This webpage compiles relevant information available from APTA and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in 1 place. The resource page includes: 

    • a frequently-asked-questions sheet, a webinar that reviews the new exceptions process, and a podcast on the therapy cap
    • links to Medicare Administrative Contractor websites where information on manual medical review is posted
    • manual medical review complaint form
    • CMS resources, including a fact sheet, a frequently- asked-questions sheet, open door forum transcript and transmittals
    • information for Medicare beneficiaries
    • medical necessity and documentation resources
    • advocacy information

    Share this information and new resource with your colleagues and staff.

    E-mail questions to advocacy@apta.org. Questions regarding the therapy cap also can be e-mailed directly to CMS at therapycapreview@cms.hhs.gov.


    • Thank you for the APTA Medicare letter. It is very informative for our patients. Our organization was wondering whether you have this information in a Spanish version for those patient who do not speak/read English. Appreciate your assistance. Christine Schulte Director Outpatient Services Cleveland Clinic

      Posted by Christine Schulte on 10/1/2012 3:58 PM

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