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  • Winners Selected in APTA's Fit After 50 Member Challenge!

    APTA members and the public have voted for the physical therapist who they feel best keeps active and fit at age 50+ and encourages patients and members of the community to do the same. Patsy Shropshire, PT, age 52, of Dallas, Texas, was chosen the winner. Paul Sullivan, PT, MHS, Cert. MDT, age 52, of Barrington, Illinois, was chosen second place finalist, and Bill Case, PT, SCS, age 56, of Houston, Texas, is the third place finalist. Read their stories.


    • As the oldest P.T. in the final group, I want to congratulate the top three winners. Their volunteer and patient-related activities were most impressive to me because the obvious on-going commitment to give their time and energy to others, in addition to their personal exercise activities. I take from them and the other finalists a push for me to do more in community outreach to seniors.

      Posted by Herschel Budlow on 4/12/2013 3:12 PM

    • Wow, I am impressed by this group of PT's. very impressed by the 83 yr old PT!! I have been guilty of working too much and exercising too little. What great resources to create similar fitness programs in my community. Thank you, Diane!

      Posted by Diane Pickens on 4/12/2013 11:39 PM

    • It has been a privilege and honor to be among such an inspiring group. Thanks to all who participated as candidates or who voted and recognized outstanding commitment to reach out by example and by volunteering their time to keep people moving. Please continue to shake up the world by staying active in spirit, mind and body.

      Posted by Carl Mailhot on 4/14/2013 1:34 PM

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