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  • CA Joint Manipulation Bill Voted Down, But Reconsideration Granted

    Physical therapists (PTs) from across California descended on the state capitol in Sacramento on Monday to show their opposition to Senate Bill 381, legislation aimed at prohibiting physical therapists from performing joint manipulation. California SB 381, authored by state Sen Leland Yee and sponsored by the California Chiropractic Association, was heard on April 15 in the California Senate Business, Professions, and Economic Development Committee.

    The legislation would prohibit anyone other than a chiropractor, physician, or osteopath from performing joint manipulation in the state and make the term "joint manipulation" synonymous with "joint adjustment." Under SB 381, any health care practitioner other than a chiropractor, physician, or osteopath who performs a joint manipulation in California would be considered to be engaged in the unlawful practice of chiropractic and result in the possible revocation or suspension of the health care practitioner's license.

    While SB 381 was voted down 6-1, the bill was granted "reconsideration," meaning that the Senate committee could reconsider the legislation at a future date. California Chapter members are encouraged to continue contact their state legislators and the members of the Senate Business, Professions, and Economic Development Committee to oppose SB 381, as the bill may be reconsidered as early as this Monday, April 22.

    Watch the hearing at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lx_hD1udS4c. (The first part of the video shows testimony from supporters of SB 381; testimony from PTs in opposition to SB 381 begins at the 21:15 mark.)


    • Nicely done for the first round. Keep the heat on, boys and girls.

      Posted by Tom Lenz on 4/19/2013 5:55 PM

    • So guys like chiropractors who are trained in certain forms of joint manipulation force the law makers in California to grant the right for performing all forms of joint manipulations to osteopath/physicians (who don't seem to be specially interested performing this procedure and who rather follow medical doctors path in treating people mostly with medications, injections, surgeries). Moreover, chiropractors discriminate other like us, than means Physical Therapists for performing something what is part in treating musculoskeletal condition within our scope of practice. That is insane idea what I see in further steps if others follow this kind of thinking: let assume massage therapists lobby will try to restrict performing soft tissue mobilization aka massage and other forms of hands on technique to their professional group only. Going a little further, physical trainers, athletic trainers will try restrict performing teaching exercises (because trainers are associated with exercises )only to their professional group. So, Physical therapists should concentrate only to physical agents right? OK, so be it. Physical agents include any forms of physical energy including any forms of gadgets like: light, sound, temperature, and also mechanical therapies as any forms of pushing, pulling, stretching, pressing using machines,hands,positions. Well if so Chiropractors should be using only their hands then with no any right to use any other means by treating their patients by pure definitions what their professions mean right? Because chiro means hand and practic means certain kind of work; practicing. Let's stop this nonsense!!!! Otherwise Physical therapist should create lobby prosecuting anyone from other professions using light, sound, temperature, mechanical therapies ( with very wide forms comprised by the describing word "physical"). How about advise regarding nutrition? Chiropractors should be aware of fact that are other professional groups that if pressed might follow this insane idea to exercises their right to use certain modalities only within their group. I hope that this nonsense is obvious not only for me.

      Posted by Henryk Kielsznia on 4/20/2013 10:42 AM

    • I wrote an article 35 years ago for a monthly PT recruitment magazine concerning this exact issue discussed by Mr. Kielsznia. The problem came up in Maryland when legislation creating 'massage therapists" passed. I said that as the trend continues, other groups will most definitely endeavor to legislate our clinical responsibilities away. I mentioned that the hallmark of our profession, the scientific and research-proven application of exercise will be the ultimate usurpation of our profession's skill set. The massage issue came about because there was a period in the 1970s when many new physical therapists had the attitude that "massage was not an important skill" for PTs - that a PTA will take over that function. Now we see the "new breed" PT sitting in front of a patient at initial evaluation with a laptop or other electronic device and hardly making a eye contact or "REALLY HEARING" the patient. Listen, I maybe an old dinosaur in the profession but I know that besides the necessity for keeping current with the new, we must always be "an amateur" - a lover of the profession. Often, there are facilities where patients spend the majority of clinical time with non-physical therapists. Just as Henry suggested, as a profession we are forced to protect our turf more than ever, sometimes this means getting back to basics.

      Posted by Herschel Budlow P.T. on 4/21/2013 5:26 PM

    • Is there a quick link on the Spinal Manipulation stand by various states? Please share. Thank you

      Posted by Gaurav Saxena on 1/29/2014 12:13 PM

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