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  • Give APTA Your Input on 'Guide to Physical Therapist Practice' Revision

    APTA's second edition of the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice has been undergoing extensive review and revision for a third edition, and we want to know your thoughts on the proposed changes so far. Numerous APTA sections, chapters, other member groups, and individual members have been involved in a series of field reviews, and all members now are being asked to provide input on some of the major themes in the draft revision, referred to as Guide3. You can find draft chapters 1-4 of Guide3, summary materials, and a link to the survey on the Guide website. Survey deadline is July 1.

    Ways to participate:

    1. On your own. After reviewing the chapters, the survey is expected to take about 45 minutes—an hour total. You can pause and save your responses, then come back later to complete the survey if you can't finish all at once.
    2. With a group. Plan a session with your colleagues to discuss the issues—either collaborating on your responses or "agreeing to disagree."
    3. With a class. Program directors can make a class project out of it—what do the profession's future clinicians, researchers, educators, or administrators want from the Guide?

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