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  • Medicaid/CHIP Report Discusses Access to Adults With Disabilities

    Among the conclusions of the June 2013 MACPAC report is that more research is needed on how nonphysician practitioners could improve access to care for Medicaid enrollees with disabilities.

    The Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Payment and Access Commission (MACPAC) released its Report to the Congress on Medicaid and CHIP last week. The report, issued annually, includes a chapter on access to care for adults with disabilities. Based on large-scale population surveys, provider and stakeholder data, consumer interviews and other qualitative data, and state Medicaid program data, MACPAC reported that access to health care among Medicaid-only enrollees with disabilities is comparable to that of other insured persons with disabilities; that unmet need among Medicaid-only enrollees with disabilities is lower than that of individuals with disabilities covered by private insurance or Medicare only; and that preventive services are underused among Medicaid enrollees with disabilities, although findings vary by service.

    In addition to the need for research on nonphysicians and access to care, MACPAC reported that other areas in need of further research are the impact of enabling services on access to care, disability competency and accessibility in Medicaid provider networks, and evaluation and best practices in risk-based managed care and in service delivery for enrollees with disabilities.

    Also in the report are chapters on Medicaid and CHIP eligibility and coverage for maternity services, the newly implemented increase in Medicaid physician payment for primary care services, the availability of data on Medicaid and CHIP that can be used for oversight and program monitoring, ways to improve the effectiveness of program integrity efforts, and the interaction between Medicaid benefits and the health insurance exchanges.

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