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  • Texas Adds Title Protection for the DPT Degree

    The title "DPT" is now a protected designation for licensed physical therapists in Texas who have earned a doctoral degree in physical therapy.

    On June 14, Texas Gov Rick Perry signed bill SB 1099, which amends the Texas physical therapy statute to add "DPT" as a protected title; the legislation also adds "MPT." Texas law already protects the licensure designations "PT" and "PTA," as well as the terms "physical therapy" and "physiotherapy," and titles "physical therapist" and "physical therapist assistant."

    "Providing recognition and protection for the doctor of physical therapy degree is an important goal for APTA and its state chapters," said APTA President Paul A. Rockar Jr, PT, DPT, MS. "Term and title protection laws are key to ensuring public protection, as well as recognition for the PT profession. We applaud the Texas Chapter for advocating on this important legislation."

    "In the past, Texas has not had any language in statute to protect clinical degrees pertaining specifically to physical therapy. We are excited to pass this legislation that protects the DPT and MPT, adding to the already protected professional designations," said TPTA’s Government Affairs Committee Co-Chairs Michael Connors, PT, DPT, OCS, and Brant Capps, PT, DPT, MS.

    In addition to advocating for SB 1099, the Texas Chapter was busy this year pushing for improved patient direct access in the Lone Star state. Thanks to the efforts of TPTA members, 2 direct access bills (House Bill 1039 and Senate Bill 402) were filed with a total of 4 legislative sponsors between them. HB 1039 made the crucial step of being passed out of the House Public Health Committee, but it did not get scheduled for a vote by the full Texas House of Representatives before a key deadline.


    • I applaud Texas Chapter's initiative! I hope more States to follow the lead. The public is assured delivery of care at its best given by PT's that earned their doctorate degree.

      Posted by Vanessa G. Oliva, PT, DPT on 6/19/2013 11:46 PM

    • This is a great change! A "DPT" title should be a protected designation for licensed physical therapists in Texas who have earned a doctoral degree in physical therapy.

      Posted by Steve Texas PTA on 8/28/2014 6:44 PM

    • I need to work as a PT I am licenced,, at least I was in Calif., in NM, and TX -- until My wife came down with intestinal cancer and I was unable to keep up with my yearly testing and expenses ( as Texas requires)- now expenses require me to resume work in my profession but I was informed I needed the D.P degree .to enter the the work force again - will you explain this Dilema I have found my self in - I graduated from the University of So. Cal.- PT Program also an a Korean War vet - can you advice me in any way?

      Posted by Joseph Arteaga, PT on 5/16/2016 11:54 AM

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