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  • APTA Announces Other Results of House of Delegates Activity

    In addition to the motions reported on separately today, he House of Delegates debated and resolved several motions related to operations and governance:

    • After a long and mindful debate, a motion to give section delegates voting rights was defeated. [RC 4-13]
    • Delegates referred to the Board of Directors a proposed resolution to support management of pediatric overuse injuries. The Board is expected to review it in terms of potential special interest resolutions in general and look for ways to address these interests other than individual House resolutions. [RC 22-13]
    • Per previous years' progress toward governance review and reform, motions passed that clarify and define the powers of the House, the Board, and the Reference Committee; and codify the election classes for the Board of Directors. [RC 5-13, RC 7-13, RC 8-13, RC 10-13]
    • Responsibilities were clarified for submitting House motions, preparing background papers on motions, and submitting delegate names and information for an upcoming House. [RC 11-13, RC 12-13, RC 13-13]

    Draft language adopted by the 2013 House of Delegates will be available on the House Community no later than July 12. Final language for all actions taken by the June 2013 House will be available by September after the minutes have been approved.

    See more results of the 2013 House of Delegates by following this link, or click on July 9 from the News Now calendar.

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