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  • Second Call-in Q&A Can Answer Your Questions on Functional Limitation Reporting

    Because of high demand for its first Q&A call-in, APTA will host a second Q&A call for members on Tuesday, July 16, 2:00 pm-3:00 pm (EST) to answer questions about the functional limitation reporting requirements that became effective July 1.

    All providers who bill outpatient therapy services under Medicare Part B must submit functional limitation data (G-codes and appropriate modifiers) for any Medicare beneficiary, or claims will be returned unpaid. Therapists must report functional limitation data on the beneficiaries' current functional status and on the projected goal at scheduled intervals throughout the episode of care, including at the outset of the therapy episode, no less frequently than every 10th visit, and at discharge. Participants in this second Q&A will need access to a computer and the Internet. Space is limited. To secure a spot, please e-mail advocacy@apta.org with "July 16 Call" in the subject line. Based on demand, APTA will host future calls throughout the month of July.

    For more information and resources on functional limitation reporting, please visit APTA's Functional Limitation Reporting webpage.


    • Can someone tell me if the projected goal severity modifier is to be determined by what it will be at the 10th visit re-eval and re -adjusted at each re-eval or what it will be at discharge?

      Posted by Tammy Iv e on 7/11/2013 12:06 PM

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