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  • Joint Commission Wants Your Comments on Optional Memory Care Certification

    The Joint Commission's proposed standards for an optional memory care certification within the nursing and rehabilitation center accreditation program are out for field review, and your comments can help shape final standards. Comments are due October 16, 2013.

    The Joint Commission emphasizes that these optional certification requirements would be in addition to the accreditation requirements that will apply to all Joint Commission-accredited long-term care organizations. While accreditation requirements address the prevalence of dementia in nursing homes, says the Joint Commission, the optional certification will recognize organizations for their dementia care specialization, particularly for organizations providing specialized dementia care in a distinct unit or area. Key areas that distinguish the memory care optional certification requirements from the accreditation requirements include the role of the coordinator, staff education and training, feature of the physical environment, and activity programming.

    To comment, follow the instructions on the standard field reviews page—download and review the proposal, then submit comments by October 16 via an online survey, an online form, or e-mail to the Joint Commission. Direct any questions you have to Jennifer Tarpey, Department of Standards and Survey Methods, 630/792-5919 or jtarpey@jointcommission.org.

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