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  • Tell Your Story of a Mid-Career Shift to Physical Therapy

    APTA has been contacted by a freelance journalist for BBC Capital looking to profile an APTA member who switched careers to become a physical therapist.

    The journalist would like to focus on a physical therapist who went to school in his or her 30s and is now practicing. Interviews need to be scheduled by November 1. If you or someone you know fits the description and is willing to be interviewed, e-mail APTA's Media Relations Staff.


    • I meet this description and would be interested.

      Posted by Lise McCarthy on 10/29/2013 5:46 PM

    • I'll be 30 (and in school) in 2 weeks...close enough? :-)

      Posted by Kat Rainville on 10/29/2013 7:38 PM

    • I went back to school when I was 40 years old and had three kids. I was blessed with a supportive husband. Best decision we ever made!

      Posted by Judy Thackaberry on 10/29/2013 7:53 PM

    • I am form Ecuador use to live in USA, now iam 32, áre you interésted in some pt like me?

      Posted by José Miguel Carangui on 10/29/2013 7:54 PM

    • I meet this description with one exception, I am a 3rd year student. However, I did leave a family business that I was being groomed to take over to make the switch. If you are interested I would be more than willing to tell my story.

      Posted by Justin Loss on 10/29/2013 7:58 PM

    • I was a factory worker all my life. When my factory shut down I had no clue. A college near me offered PTA school and I was in. I graduated with a GPA of 3.78 at the age of 57. I now enjoy home health with the intellectually disabled adults in my area. Love it! More to tell

      Posted by Connie Baggett on 10/29/2013 7:59 PM

    • I am a second year PTA student and 56 years old. I have had my own marketing company for the past 26 years and am really looking forward to a whole new career.

      Posted by Gail Newsome on 10/29/2013 9:59 PM

    • I am a third year student, but fit the rest of the descriptors. My previous work was in biology research laboratories, but I found myself working side jobs in the service industry. PT has been a great combination of science and service.

      Posted by Ryan Buus -> ANW`EK on 10/29/2013 9:59 PM

    • I left the Kentucky State police as a trooper after a car wreck and went to PT school in my early 30s. Within seven years I built two practices and purchased one with my wife. Perhaps I would be a good candidate?

      Posted by Ron Pavkovich PT, DPT, Cert. DN on 10/30/2013 7:18 PM

    • I was 44 when I left a successful career and entered PT school. I had made the decision a couple of years earlier that it was time to change my life. A couple of my friends were PTs and really loved their work. It took 2 years of evening classes to get into PT school. It was a tough 3 years, but I graduated in 2009. I love it!

      Posted by Brenda Swanson, DPT on 10/30/2013 9:39 PM

    • Returned to school to study PT @ 30 y/0 after 14 years in firefighting/EMS and security/law enforcement. It was a great decision and the best one I've ever made.

      Posted by Leon Richard on 11/1/2013 5:50 PM

    • 37 first year DPT student. Not interested in being profiled, but my goodness am I interested in reading the final article. Especially the 40+ newbies

      Posted by Susan on 11/1/2013 6:07 PM

    • After a minor ski injury led to a course of PT sessions. At the age of 32, with the encouragement of my PT, I began gathering volunteer hours for a PTA program and completed my pre-reqs and then the program at 35 years old. Enjoying my new career and hungry for more, I went back and obtained my Masters in PT at 42 years old. I have never looked backed and thank God I found what I was meant to do!

      Posted by Frank Covino on 11/1/2013 7:00 PM

    • Like so many others I made the mid-life decision, age 39, to pursue a career in PT after earning a bachelor's and master's in Engineering and working on/off for 15 years. My years in school (2009-2012) were filled with raising 2 kids, full-time classes, research (published 2x in PTJ, poster at CSM 2012 & 2014) and trying to keep some semblance of normalcy in my relationship with my husband. In addition I just completed a Neuro PT Residency at BU. Finally things are calming down... now I'm working, studying for the NCS exam and loving it! May be a day late for this...though! Good luck, I'll look for the piece!

      Posted by Parm Padgett on 11/2/2013 9:32 AM

    • I went back to school at age 48 (PTA two-year program) when the economy tanked and I could no longer make a living as a Realtor in Florida. I have been practicing now for 3 years in a field I had always wished I had entered my first time through college (BS). Now I would love to pursue a masters but really not feasible to become a DPT as there is no convenient way to "bridge"

      Posted by Angie Sawdy on 11/3/2013 5:04 PM

    • I fit all the criteria except didn't notify you before 11-1-13. Email me if you are still working on the story. Thanks, Pam

      Posted by Pam Wimberley on 11/3/2013 5:06 PM

    • Available if you still need subjects!

      Posted by Laura Boas on 11/4/2013 11:55 AM

    • My first career was a Wildlife Biologist, but after being crushed by an elephant I was introduced to PT. I had lost some enthusiasm for wildlife work and changed to PT at the age of 33. It is just as exciting and very rewarding.

      Posted by Irvin Kochel on 11/6/2013 4:21 PM

    • I was a civil engineer before coming from Russia at the age of 38. I entered PT program at the age of 42. I am a private practice owner for the last 8 yrs. My practice is growing over the yrs. Today 4 full time PTsd are working here providing an excellent care for pts with orthopedic conditions, TMJ and headache problems, doing vestibular rehab, treating men and women pelvic floor. I enjoy my PT career much more than I did my engineering; feel myself very lucky to be able to do what I do!

      Posted by Bella Kavalerchik on 11/6/2013 10:45 PM

    • I'm a fourty year old police lady but currently on stress leave because I'm bullied at work I feel weak as the only child i was too close to my mom she passed away in 2010 I become stressed because she gave me support and understood me I'm a mom of three boys I have a supportive husband always want to help people who are suffering and my work is not forgiving for people who are soft I've always been mellow and nurse people feelings when they come to report cases I listen and give attention sometimes my last money that made an enemy to my colligue they think I make my self better course I don't want to judge others I feel everyone deserve a chance in life why can't I fit

      Posted by given masinge on 3/26/2014 2:48 AM

    • I am 33. 2 years ago I decided to make the shift into PT. I needed all of the science pre-reqs. Went to night school, taking one class at a time, year round, for 2 years, squeezed in observation hours using vacation time from job, took the gre's, and was accepted to a DPT program a few months ago. I had a 1 year old when I started this journey, and was blessed with another 9 months ago. It hasn't been easy, but I got in! And its about to pay off. Luckily, I have a very supportive wife. She has sacrificed as much as I have, if not more. Start school in September. Excited.

      Posted by Brian on 12/30/2014 4:59 PM

    • I graduated in 2001 with a BA in Spanish and Latin American Studies/Business and graduated May 2013 with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy! Each and every bump and turn in the road was worth it! Having work experience and a liberal arts education was a positive and I was able to sit in each lecture/lab with 150% certainty I was there for the right reasons. Not all of the students in my class could say that! Age is just a number.

      Posted by Shayla Adams on 5/3/2015 9:13 PM

    • Do you rhink age 60 is roo old to begin PTS school ? I am vibrant, in fair shape, and looking for a career in my last third of life. I understand the need for PT as I have had a knee implant and a hip implant with complications for many years. I have worked hard in PT to get all my function back plus ! I'd like to help others.

      Posted by Karen on 10/23/2015 9:32 AM

    • I am 53 years old. I am looking to change careers. I am currently working in a school district and in my spare time I am working as a licensed massage therapist. I am interested in physical therapy assisting but I wonder if I am too old to go into the field?

      Posted by Lisa Diel on 8/18/2016 11:35 AM

    • Im 28 i want to be a physical therapist. I want to start at age 29 or 30 first have to have a bachelor . then the pre requisite. I hav E a son and im not working. Im to old to start? Is goingto take about 5 years to finish my bachelor and 3.50 of physical therapy school.

      Posted by dee on 11/19/2016 12:28 AM

    • I'm at 31 finishing my pre req in May . I used to be in finance for 9 years. I have been taking night class and doing observation hours. Unfortunately, I have been having certain episodes for serveral months. I was diagnosed with MS which I didn't get my application on time for 2017 program. My doctor said I should defintely keep pursuing my career in PT.

      Posted by Shirley Castillo on 4/26/2017 11:19 PM

    • Is 60 years old to old to progress into a new medical field? At least physical therapy asst. I have a medical assistant certification , bachelor's degree in business. Obtaining work too difficult.?

      Posted by Judy Ginder on 2/2/2019 7:20 PM

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