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  • New Additions to APTA Member Value Programs

    You have 3 new benefits to consider under APTA’s member value programs: the PT Clinician app, Office Depot discounts, and VPI pet insurance.

    The PT Clinician app, available through AppGiraffe, helps promote communication with your patients by giving them a way to interact with you outside the office. It’s customizable, with features such as appointment scheduling, an exercise library, directories, coupons, and geo-fencing.

    Under the Office Depot discount program, you can save up to 80% on online purchases, qualify for free shipping, and get discounted printing and copying.

    VPI pet insurance, available through Marsh US Consumer, is a veterinarian-recommended pet health insurance provider. Policies reimburse you for eligible veterinary expenses related to surgeries, hospitalization, X-rays, prescription medications, and more.

    Take advantage of these and other APTA member value programs, such as car rental discounts, personal and professional insurance programs, and credit cards.

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