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  • Marketing Tips Emphasize Diverse, Thoughtful Approach

    When it comes to marketing your physical therapist practice, don't get so caught up in all the new delivery methods that you forget the basics of knowing your audience, understanding yourself, and figuring out how you'll know when you've succeeded. That's 1 of the guiding principles of a special feature on "Marketing and Public Relations for the Physical Therapist" in the latest issue of PT In Motion, APTA's member magazine.

    In the article, APTA Director of Marketing and Creative Services Chanté Sedwick and Senior Public Relations Specialist Jennifer Rondon provide both big-picture considerations and practical tips on how to approach the sometimes-dizzying array of marketing options available. According to the authors, no single approach should be ruled out: social media is hot right now, but seemingly old-fashioned direct mail campaigns are still at least scanned by 78% of recipients.

    Sedwick and Rondon warn against rushing into any marketing or public relations effort without first taking the time to assess who the physical therapist (PT) wants to reach and the specific values that differentiate the PT from other providers—and, possibly, other physical therapist practices. While possibly not as exciting as diving into a Facebook-fueled ad campaign, developing a few basic operating assumptions can save time and money, and generate results. The authors offer several tips on how to get started on the process and move on to an overview of delivery methods.

    PT in Motion is a monthly magazine focused on hot issues in physical therapy and health care. The magazine is free to APTA members, and available in both hardcopy and online formats.

    Additional practical information on marketing your physical therapist practice and yourself can be found in APTA’s Business Skills in Physical Therapy: Strategic Marketing, 2nd Ed, a home-study course by Peter Kovacek, PT, DPT, MSA.


    • It's important to not just simply jump on the bandwagon, but to weigh out each option and see what would work best for your company specifically. Thanks for sharing!

      Posted by Catherine Marshall on 11/22/2014 6:50 PM

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