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  • APTA Board: Governance Documents to Be Reviewed, Reorganized

    The APTA Board of Directors has decided that it's time the association untangle and clarify the approximately 370 positions, standards, guidelines, policies, and procedures (PSGPP) created through its history in a multiyear review process.

    At its December meeting, the Board reviewed a report that described the "challenges" to the current PSPPG documents. Among the issues cited by the work group that submitted the report were unclear definitions, overlap among policies, inconsistent wording and format, complicated organization, and content that is at times too detailed to work as policy.

    In response, APTA will begin a comprehensive review of all elements of the PSGPP, and the Board will forward a proposed revision to Standing Rule 21 of the association, which contains definitions for 5 different types of viewpoints and administrative directives. The suggested change reduces the 5 different categories in favor of characterizing all PSGPP documents as binding documents (primarily the Code of Ethics and Standards of Ethical Conduct), policy, and procedure. Neither recommendation was aimed at changing the intent of any PSGPP document but only at creating greater consistency and usefulness.

    Pending approval of the new definitions by the House of Delegates, staff and volunteers will begin PSGPP reviews, provide regular progress reports to the Board, and bring proposed revisions to the Board and House, but no firm completion date for the project was set.

    To see the full discussion on this and other topics from the December Board of Directors meeting, watch the archived livestream of all open sessions.

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