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  • APTA Board: 2014 Budget Is Balanced, Continues Strong Support for Strategic Plan

    The $43.5 million 2014 APTA operating budget will continue to devote the majority of discretionary funds to the APTA strategic plan.

    The budget adopted by the APTA Board of Directors during its December meeting at APTA headquarters predicts a 7.1% increase in revenues with a small use of investment gains to balance out expenditures for a break-even budget for the year.

    Similar to the 2013 budget, the newly approved plan continues to designate the majority of the association's "discretionary" funds—money not tied to basic operating activities or offset by direct revenue—to fulfillment of the APTA strategic plan. Strategic priorities (see related story) funded in the budget include the Physical Therapy Outcomes Registry and a physical therapy classification and payment system that promotes high-quality care, reflects the clinical reasoning and judgment of the physical therapist, and maximizes healthcare resources. The budget approved by the board assigns nearly 64% of these funds to strategic plan activities, an amount that represents 22.7% of all APTA expenses.

    To see the full discussion on this and other topics from the December Board of Directors meeting, watch the archived livestream of all open sessions.

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