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  • APTA Board: Success With 2013 Strategic Plan Sets the Stage for 2014 Goals

    With most of the objectives of APTA's 2013 Strategic Plan met, the Board of Directors adopted new targets for 2014. The 4 goals of the Strategic Plan remain the same—effectiveness of care, patient- and client-centered care across the lifespan, professional growth and development, and value and accountability. The board agreed on updated objectives under each goal that the association will pursue next year.

    As in 2013, the highest priority objectives are development of the physical therapy outcomes registry (PTOR) and advancement of a more appropriate payment system, which APTA has proposed as the physical therapy classification and payment system (PTCPS). For PTOR, APTA aims to launch a pilot by the end of February and fully launch the registry by year-end. For PTCPS, APTA and other stakeholders continue the process that was begun last year, which includes submitting a coding proposal to the AMA CPT Editorial Panel and educate physical therapists in using the proposed system. The association is on track to implement the system, if all approvals are met, in 2015.

    Other important priorities also are contained in the 2014 Strategic Plan:

    • To reduce unwarranted variation in care, APTA will continue to add relevant clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) by helping with guideline development within our profession and evaluating and endorsing other health disciplines’ CPGs (see related story on the process for endorsing CPGs).
    • APTA will continue to encourage PTs to use valid tests and measures in their examination, evaluation, and treatment of patients by making them easy to access through PTNow.
    • APTA will continue its efforts to expand direct access, investigate the effects of physician self-referral arrangements, and help members navigate the health insurance exchanges created by the Affordable Care Act.
    • More education, tools, and guidance will help PTs and PTAs comply with payment policy, documentation, and coding requirements.
    • PTs and PTAs will be encouraged to provide prevention and wellness services, with tools being developed to measure the prevalence of these services among APTA members.
    • Based on learning domains APTA is developing that define major areas of competence, the association, including its sections and chapters, will identify the areas of highest priority for continuing education offerings.

    While the 2014 Strategic Plan is an extension of the 2013 plan that was based on APTA's former Vision 2020, it is a "bridge" to the new vision that APTA adopted at the June House of Delegates—"Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience."

    The association's outward facing new vision is apparent in many 2014 Strategic Plan objectives that promote practice in collaborative care models and encourage interprofessional collaboration in education. The 2015 Strategic Plan will be based on the new vision.

    Strategies and metrics for the plan’s objectives have been developed and will enable APTA's Board to track their progress throughout 2014. Progress on the plan will be communicated to members throughout the year.

    To see the full discussion on this and other topics from the December Board of Directors meeting, watch the archived livestream of all open sessions.


    • Achieve direct access, end POPTS, and gain our independence. Start acting like the Drs. We have become!

      Posted by Stephen Dolan -> >JVbC on 12/17/2013 6:05 PM

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