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  • Magazine Looks to PT for Winter Sports Advice

    A national publication has turned to a physical therapist (PT) and APTA spokesperson for advice on how to approach the winter months. And his take? Get moving.

    Spry magazine asked Robert Gillanders, PT, DPT, OCS, to comment on how winter sports can create opportunities for new levels of calorie burn through outdoor activities that most people don't engage in year-round. Gillanders said that activities such as cross-country skiing and even sledding are a way of not only "tricking your body" into more intense exercise but helping to relieve winter blahs. "People who exercise outdoors are happier, more satisfied, less depressed," he told Spry. Gillanders' comments appear in the December 13 online edition.

    Spry is a monthly magazine focused on lifestyle, diet, recreation, and leisure activities that promote health and wellness.

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