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  • Get Active for PT Research With Log 'N Blog

    It's that time again when getting fit, staying fit, or simply having a good time can benefit both your own wellbeing and physical therapy research, thanks to the Foundation for Physical Therapy's second Annual Log ’N Blog.

    Created and led by students from the University of Pittsburgh, the Log 'N Blog program allows physical therapist and physical therapist assistant education programs, clinics, corporations, APTA sections, chapters, or even groups of friends to create teams to help promote the importance of physical activity while raising funds for research.

    Teams compete by tracking individual swimming, biking, running, and other fitness activities. This year, new features in the program include a way to track by the hour or minute, an online supporting comments section, and the ability to enter activities backlogged to the beginning of the 2014 Log 'N Blog event. Learn more and register at the Log 'N Blog website. This year's event will run through July 31.

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