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  • Researchers Reel In New Artificial Muscle

    Want to witness the power behind the next generation of artificial muscles for prosthetics and exoskeletons? Look in your fishing tackle box.

    According to a recent announcement from researchers at the University of Texas – Dallas, a process that twists and coils fishing line results in an artificial muscle that can lift more than 100 times the weight of a similar-sized human muscle and can be controlled by relatively simple temperature changes. The research has been reported in Discover magazine, Health24, and WebMD, among other outlets.

    The twisted polymer filament process was developed at the NanoTech Institute at the university. Researchers believe that the technology has immediate applications for exoskeletons but could also be commercialized to create clothing that adapts to changes in temperature. While far less efficient than human muscle, the fibers can generate more than 5 times the energy of an automobile engine.

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