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  • PT Discusses Sandbag Weights in WSJ Article

    A recent Wall Street Journal article highlights the rise in popularity of sandbag workouts—and the importance of sound advice from a physical therapist (PT) before taking on any new exercise regimen.

    In a short article published March 3, WSJ reporter Laura Johannes describes how special sand-filled bags are replacing standard weights in workouts. The sand in the bags shifts with motion, something that supporters say works out a wider range of muscles.

    While the article includes information on the effectiveness of the new approach, it also touches on potential dangers. Robert Gillanders, PT, DPT, OCS, points out that care needs to be taken when engaging new muscle groups with unpredictable loads. In the article, Gillanders advises that people who are not in shape or new to weightlifting should build strength with machines or free weights before attempting to move on to sandbags.

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