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  • Humana Seeking to Amend Provider Contract Terms

    If you've received a letter from Humana or Health Value Management notifying you of reductions in payments in connection to sequestration, consider consulting a healthcare attorney: the letter could contain information on amendments to your contract and deadlines for review and objection.

    Humana and Health Value Management, Inc. doing business as ChoiceCare Network (ChoiceCare) recently distributed the letters, which mention sequestration reductions imposed by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). APTA strongly encourages you to review the letter, including possible changes to your individual network participation and the time period for objections, and carefully analyze your individual contract terms. You may find it helpful to seek legal advice on whether and how to respond.

    Though APTA provides many resources on its private insurance webpage—including a managed care contracting toolkit—the association cannot provide legal advice or guidance to individual members.

    For further information regarding your contract, you may also contact your payer representative.

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