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  • NPR Story Describes New Leg Brace, Interviews PT

    A new leg brace that is reducing amputations and allowing wounded soldiers to run again was the focus of a recent National Public Radio feature story that included an interview with the physical therapist (PT) involved in the project.

    The story, which aired during the March 31 broadcast of "All Things Considered," describes the success of the IDEO brace, a "deceptively simple" device that is being used on wounded veterans at the Center for the Intrepid facility in the Brooke Army Medical Center near San Antonio, Texas. According to reporter Melissa Block, when used correctly the device allows some wearers to run again, "virtually pain free."

    Johnny Gray Owens, PT, was recorded for the story as he helped 2 brace wearers familiarize themselves with the device and monitored their exercises—including running. Owens described the feeling of helping soldiers use their limbs when they might have otherwise requested amputation after seeing other veterans achieve greater mobility through prosthetics.

    "Two guys that haven't run, that didn't think they were ever going to run since their injuries—first day, and they're running?" Owens said. "Pretty cool."

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