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  • PTNow Blog: Hypertension Guidelines Nearly Silent on Physical Activity

    When it comes to physical activity and its impact on hypertension, absence definitely doesn't make the physical therapist's heart grow fonder. In fact, the lack of serious consideration of lifestyle interventions in recently published hypertension guidelines could point to a bigger issue, according to the latest PTNow blog post.

    The new post recounts the development of 3 sets of blood pressure management guidelines by groups that mostly agree on the use of drug therapy, but disagree on the best way to reach these conclusions.

    For physical therapists, however, the real news is what isn't in the guidelines—namely, any serious consideration of lifestyle interventions.

    Are the guidelines missing important evidence, or is important evidence just ... missing? Check out the blog and join the discussion.


    • Always amazes me that lifestyle changes are not mentioned or are downplayed to a large degree. Losing weight if needed, getting regular exercise and eating a proper diet (i.e. not just calorie counting) take care of virtually all hypertension issues.

      Posted by Martin Eising on 7/7/2014 3:25 PM

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