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  • 'Membership Matters' Week Begins

    Think APTA membership matters? Have we got a week for you.

    This week, APTA celebrates the importance of association membership through its "Membership Matters" campaign. It's a time for APTA members to celebrate their connection to the profession's association and to communicate the value of membership to others.

    The APTA Membership Matters webpage offers a variety of inspirational resources, including videos and testimonials from physical therapists all over the country sharing why membership is important, and how the association has contributed to their own professional development. There's even a "Promoting Membership" page that offers tips on how to make the case for involvement in APTA.

    As helpful as the tips may be, as always, it's the APTA members themselves who make the best case for joining. "I am unable to separate the value of being a physical therapist from the value of APTA," said Leslie Torburn PT, DPT, in her webpage testimonial. "They each exist as they are today because of the other."

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